Sunday, February 10, 2013

English 10 Honors--2/12/2013

Jump Off
--Place your LotF Culminating Assignment rubrics from last class on the front table.  Then, look through your notes for Anthem and plan a couple of contributions for today's discussion (THINK).

S. the C.

Discussion Preparation -- PAIR
--in pairs, briefly share some of the points that you plan to make in today's discussion

Transition -- form a circle

Discussion -- Anthem up to page 58  (SHARE)
--one contribution minimum/three contributions maximum today--third contributions cannot be shared until all have contributed once :)
--engage in discussion as per the "Anthem Novella Unit--Analysis/Discussion/Writing Preparation Notes" packet (15 minutes per section)

Closure -- Preliminary Essay Topic Selection
--write on an index card for submission to Mr. Martin

--Finish purposefully reading Anthem.