Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Senior English--12/20/2012 (Block 1)


Jump Off
--Pick up the following items from the front table: notes packet pertaining to FAQs (Tuesdays with Morrie Analysis Essay), grammar editing chart, and speech assessment rubric.

S. the C.

Looking Ahead -- Materials Analysis
--independent previewing time--Mr. Martin answers questions/models (complete this process for all three items)

Transition -- notebooks out for finishing up speech content notes

Speech Content Instruction -- The “Formula for Success”--Action
--the “Formula for Success” PowerPoint (the final slides)
--independent Action planning/outlining time for Show and Tell Speech--Mr. Martin models

Application Activity -- Show and Tell Speech--Outlining/Action
--students deliver planned Action in small groups as practice, garnering content feedback (and, ideally, working on volume, tone, eye contact, speed, pauses, and limiting vocal fillers)
--Transition--return to desks
--card drawn--student delivers Action in front of class--Mr. Martin FlipVideos (repeat until five students have spoken)

Closure -- What was your biggest “take away” from today’s class?
--craft a response to the question above for submission on an index card

--Finish the Tuesdays with Morrie Analysis Essay assignment--Mr. Martin is available for appointments! This assignment is due on January 2nd (our next class). Remember that you have the scoring rubrics, and it is imperative that you align your work/writing with the rubrics. THE MEANING, DEVELOPMENT, ORGANIZATION, LANGUAGE USE, AND CONVENTIONS RUBRIC WILL DETERMINE YOUR SCORE FOR THE CUMULATIVE WRITING PORTFOLIO.  Additionally, careful use of today's materials should help you find success. 
--The first day of Show and Tell Speech deliveries will be January 4th (our second class back from break). Progressing through this assignment might include taking your rough speech notes and refining your work via the "Show and Tell Speech Outlining Sheet" and then engaging in a few practice sessions.  Remember that you now have the scoring rubric for this assignment, and it is imperative that you align your content/delivery with the rubric.
--If you spoke in front of the class today, view your video with this question in mind--What is my ultimate goal for the public speaking unit?  If you have practiced at the podium and have not received a video via e-mail, this most likely means that I do not have your e-mail address!
--Enjoy break!