Tuesday, December 4, 2012

English 10 Honors--12/5/2012

Jump Off
--Up on the front board, you'll find a mostly-empty timeline.  Our goal is to populate the timeline with the titles, authors, and years of publication for all of the works that we have read so far this year along the bottom.  Across the top of the timeline, we need the names and spans of the three literary movements that we discussed during the Short Story Unit.  Start digging through your notes, and when you think you've got something to add, get up to the board!  ANY OTHER POTENTIALLY SIGNIFICANT ITEMS ARE WORTH GETTING UP ON THE BOARD AS WELL (E.G., REVOLUTIONS, WARS, ETC.)

S. the C.
--finish up the J.O. (rationale/Lord of the Flies predictions [list on the front board])
--quickly pronounce the 25 vocabulary words

Transition -- "Novel Pre-reading--Purposeful Non-fiction Reading/'Gearing Up' Discussion" sheet and a copy of How to Read Literature Like a Professor up

Discussion Preparation -- Novel Pre-reading--Purposeful Non-fiction Reading
--vote on reading method (oral or independent)
--purposefully read

Transition -- form a circle 

Discussion -- "Is That a Symbol?"/"Gearing Up" for Lord of the Flies
--engage in discussion--use "Novel Pre-reading--Purposeful Non-fiction Reading/'Gearing Up' Discussion" sheet
--begin crafting a list on the front board of "what to look for" in Lord of the Flies
--rationale/directions given for next activity

Transition -- re-row desks/return How to Read Literature Like a Professor books/grab a sheet from Mr. Martin

Activity -- Novel Pre-reading--Song Lyric Analysis
--What is explication? (review)
--Mr. Martin models explication with first stanza of each song
--engage in independent explication (focus on application of knowledge from Foster reading, imagery, and theme)

--add to list of "what to look for" 
--make connections between today's discussion/activity and predictions made at the beginning  of class

--Finish preparing for the Unit #4 vocabulary quiz, which will take place next class.  Make sure to master the "Whimsical Words" as well.
--Plan on finishing up the "gearing up" process next class and starting Lord of the Flies!