Thursday, December 20, 2012

English 10 Honors--12/21/2012

Jump Off
--Spend the first few minutes of class studying for the forthcoming Unit #5 vocabulary quiz quietly and independently. Mr. Martin will be around momentarily with the quiz.
--Complete the vocabulary quiz quietly and independently.  Good luck!
--While you work on the quiz, Mr. Martin will be around to return your Short Story Unit exams.

S. the C.
--trade and grade--quizzes returned/self-reflection

Transition -- submit graded quizzes/pick up “Exam Responses--Feedback Analysis” sheet and a half-sheet rubric from the front table

Instruction -- Crafting AMAZING Literary Analysis Paragraph Responses
--rationale--our writing targets/importance of feedback
--Mr. Martin models use of the half-sheet while sharing two exemplars
--independent work time--feedback analysis of questions 17 and 18
--whole-group share-out--Mr. Martin creates a list on the front board/models where appropriate

Writing Workshop -- Crafting an AMAZING Literary Analysis Paragraph Response
--assignment details:
  • Re-read your literary analysis paragraph (section IV of the exam) with the list on the front board/specific feedback for questions 17 and 18 in mind--make revisions accordingly (THIS WILL TAKE PLACE IN CLASS TODAY FOLLOWING THE SHARING OF THE MORE SPECIFIC ASSIGNMENT INFORMATION BELOW)
  • Over break, type your revised response in proper MLA format for submission on Monday, January 7th at the beginning of class
  • This writing assignment will receive three scores total, all three of which will count within the Writing portion of your overall Quarter 2 average:   
    • One score will be determined via the rubric you picked up earlier in class—mastery of MLA format is important, so be especially careful!  This score will count once.
    • Another score will be determined via the Meaning, Development, Organization, Language Use, and Conventions framework--this score will count twice.
    • Your M, D, O, L, C score will be included within your Writing Portfolio--remember that you must receive a score of 85% or higher in order for this assignment to go into the portfolio without further revisions/rewriting.
    • Your M, D, O, L, C score will also be converted to a score out of 30 and determine the remainder of the points allotted for your Short Story Unit exam.
--How can I help you?!—questions answered/instruction/modeling after re-reading/revision time

Transition -- form a circle

Discussion -- LotF Chapters 1-6
--engage in discussion about the following topics: symbols, an interconnectedness of everything, names as significant, dark/light imagery, good or bad island?, conflicts, human nature, application of Foster’s ideas, etc.

HW Time
--begin purposefully reading Chapters 7 and 8

--Complete the writing assignment as directed for submission on Monday, January 7th at the beginning of class.
--Finish purposefully reading Chapters 7 and 8 of Lord of the Flies as preparation for analysis/discussion next class.
--Enjoy break!