Wednesday, December 12, 2012

English 9--12/13/2012

Jump Off
--Mr. Martin will hand out the assessment momentarily.
--SEE MR. MARTIN: Hannah Maneiro and Westen Shepard.

S. the C.
--any last-minute questions?
--assessment handed out

Assessment -- Missing Comma in a Compound Sentence/Unnecessary Comma with a Coordinating Conjunction
--While you work, Mr. Martin will be around to return your Odyssey Unit Examinations.

Transition -- trade and grade--quizzes returned/self-reflection; submit graded quizzes/pick up “Exam Responses--Feedback Analysis” sheet from the front table

Instruction -- Crafting AMAZING Paragraph Responses
--rationale--our writing targets (exemplar shown)/importance of feedback
--Mr. Martin models use of the half-sheet
--independent work time--feedback analysis
--whole-group share-out--Mr. Martin creates a list on the front board/models where appropriate

Writing Workshop -- Crafting an AMAZING Paragraph Response
--on a clean sheet of lined paper, re-write one of your five exam paragraph responses with pros, grows, and specific feedback in mind--you must re-write a response on which you received a score of 16 or lower
--your score for this re-write will be averaged with your exam score and included within the Writing section of your Quarter 2 average
--once you’ve finished writing, highlight all changes that you have made, then submit your work to Mr. Martin for placement within your Writing Portfolio

Closure -- T-O-D
--On an index card, write your name. Then, do the following from memory:
  • List as many of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective teens as you can.
  • Properly use at least one Unit #4 vocabulary word somewhere on your index card.
  • Include one properly punctuated compound sentence somewhere within your response.
Sharpening the Saw
--anecdotes about hard work and reactive language shared (time permitting)

Optional assignments:
--Review literature terms, especially those with which you are currently struggling. We will apply these terms throughout our upcoming short story work, and you will be expected to know/apply these terms on the 7 Habits Unit Exam.
--Purposefully read sections of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens in order to "beef up" your notes page.
--Finish writing your AMAZING paragraph (if necessary).
Mandatory assignments:
--Complete your Personal Mission Statement by the beginning of next class.
--Bring your vocabulary book to class next time.
--Enjoy the weekend--Sharpen the Saw!