Thursday, December 20, 2012

Senior English--1/2/2013

Jump Off (10-12 mins.)
--Turn in your Tuesdays with Morrie Analysis Essay by placing it in the black basket on the front table.  If you have a clean grading sheet and/or rubric for the assignment, staple the sheet and/or rubric to the back of your essay. 
--Pick up the sheet entitled “Understanding Argument” from the front table.  Carefully read the directions.  Then, purposefully read the information included within the charts.  Finally, spend some time thinking of answers to the italicized question included within the directions.  Jot down your thoughts on the back of the sheet, as we will spend some time discussing this question together.
--We will use a little bit of class time today determining the speaking order for the upcoming Show and Tell Speeches.  Think about whether or not you are interested in going sooner rather than later--it is worth noting that volunteering to go first is an impressive show of confidence and a good way to help speakers conquer their fears! 

S. the C. (15-20 mins.)
--Mr. Martin shares some information about our next few weeks together (time earned due to postponement of library time and consequent change in first speaking date, “paving the way” for the Research Unit [hence the Jump Off task], midterm examination on the horizon [rough date/a little bit of information about the format]) 
--Mr. Martin shares his ideas and elicits advice for the use of class time on Friday (final class day prior to the delivery of speeches)
--Create speech delivery order (volunteers followed by random order determined by pulling cards) 
--Discuss the “Understanding Argument” sheet--What is argument?  What does an argument require?  How can you come up with the perfect argument topic? 

Transition -- pick up both the sheet and the packet from the front table (2 mins.)

Speech Content Instruction -- Incorporating Transitions (20-25 mins.)
--Discuss the importance of including transitions within speeches (smoothness/limiting vocal fillers)--point out the value of this content piece on the “Public Speaking Unit Assessment Rubric” 
--Read through the sheet about using transitions together
--Independently complete the practice, considering the implications for your upcoming Show and Tell Speech--if you finish early, take out your Show and Tell Speech outline and add in appropriate transitions 
--Mr. Martin draws cards--students write transitions up on the front board
--Mr. Martin “delivers” the speech with transitions for the sake of example--consider the effectiveness of the transitions up on the front board in comparison to the transitions that you crafted 
--Closure--Consider the implications for your upcoming Show and Tell Speech (if you have not already done so)

Transition -- view video clip--Mr. Martin shares anecdote/form a circle (2 mins.)

Community Circle (15 mins.)
--Share “good stuff” from break

Transition -- re-row desks (2 mins.)

Brain Break -- Will Ferrell’s Speech at Harvard (2003) 
--Continue viewing, considering both content and delivery
--Briefly discuss

--Mr. Martin has quite a bit of work to do before you get your Tuesdays with Morrie Analysis Essays back.  Once the essays are returned, you will have one month to prepare your writing piece for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio.
--The first day of Show and Tell Speech deliveries will be January 8th.  Speeches will be delivered as scheduled.  Progressing through this assignment might include finishing your outline and then engaging in a few practice sessions. Remember that you have the scoring rubric for this assignment, and it is imperative that you align your content/delivery with the rubric. 
--Be thinking about potential topics for your Senior English Research Paper (Arguing for a Position).