Wednesday, November 7, 2012

English 9--11/7/2012

Jump Off
--Clear your desks of all but a writing utensil in anticipation of the English 9 Pre-Assessment.

S. the C.
--directions for pre-assessment

Assessment -- English 9 Pre-Assessment
--carefully complete the assessment
--when finished, put your head down (the test is timed--40 mins. total)
--look at close reading and mythology project information--both of these are "work in progress" tasks!
--if you would like to look at past few vocabulary quizzes, I am recycling them today

Transition -- pre-assessments in, directions up, sit by teams

Review Activity -- Vocabulary Football
--read directions
--write words on back of the directions sheet--play the game purposefully (visualize drawings, pick an answer regardless of if it's your turn or not, keep track of words with which you're still struggling, cross out used words for process of elimination, etc.)
--play until the end of class!

--Finish preparing for the Unit #3 vocabulary quiz, which will take place next class--don't forget about the drawing study strategy!
--Finish/review notes for  The Odyssey!--you should be finished with the epic and your notes for sure by Friday.
--Reminder: The epic can be found at the following web address if you ever need access to the story outside of the classroom: