Wednesday, November 14, 2012

English 10 Honors--11/16/2012

Jump Off
--Please take out your mindfully completed homework ("Controlling Idea [Theme Statement] Practice—'Nature'" sheet—explication and controlling idea sentence).

S. the C.

Mini-Lesson -- Controlling Idea Paragraphs
--Students share sample sentences.
--Discuss approach for "attacking" this particular task.
--Students craft a controlling idea paragraph about either "The Necklace"/"Richard Cory" or "The Open Boat"/"I Saw in Louisiana a Live-Oak Growing".
--Students share sample paragraphs.

HW time
--pick up the "Short Story Analysis Sheet" and Nadine Gordimer's "Once Upon a Time"
--get started together

--Finish purposefully reading "Once Upon a Time" by way of the "Short Story Analysis Sheet" and be ready for a discussion in the future.