Sunday, November 18, 2012

English 9--11/20/2012

Jump Off--Clear your desk of all but a writing utensil in preparation for the Odyssey Unit Exam.

S. the C.
--read the directions for the test
--reminder about the scoring scale (M, D, O, L, C)
--model a quality short answer response (see Smart Notebook file)

Assessment -- Odyssey Unit
--carefully complete the exam
--during the exam, Mr. Martin will be around with your Unit #3 vocabulary quiz--take a look to see how you did--Mr. Martin will be back around to recycle the quizzes
--after you've finished the exam, go back through and re-read/improve your responses (if time permits).  Then, put the exam on the floor next to your desk and put your head down and relax!  (If you'd like to go to your locker to get some assignments to work on, see Mr. Martin.)

Brain Break (if time) -- Odyssey Film

--Students may stay through lunch to finish up the exam (though I don't feel great about having you do this!) and/or stay after school today until the late bus.  YOU MUST be finished with the exam by the end of the day, however.
--Awesome work throughout our first unit--enjoy break!  You deserve it.