Monday, November 12, 2012

English 10 Honors--11/9/2012

Jump Off
--Spend the first five minutes of class studying for the forthcoming vocabulary quiz using your drawing study strategy notes and/or your vocabulary book.

S. the C.


--Come up to the front table and pick up a vocabulary quiz.  Complete the quiz quietly and independently back at your desk.

Assessment – Vocabulary Unit #3

--Carefully complete the assessment.
--When finished, copy the notes located on the front board into your notebook (Realism as a Literary Movement); then, put your head down until all are finished with the quiz.

--Submit quizzes/form a circle out of the desks for discussion.

Discussion – “The Necklace” and “Richard Cory”
--Discuss these two works via the “Short Story Analysis Sheet” and “Controlling Idea (Theme Statement) Practice—‘Social Class’” sheet.

--Re-row the desks and pick up the last of the materials from the front of the classroom.

Independent Work Time
--Purposefully read “The Open Boat” by way of the “Short Story Analysis Sheet”.

--Finish purposefully reading “The Open Boat” and be ready for a discussion in the future.
--Enjoy the long weekend!