Monday, November 12, 2012

English 9--11/14/2012 & 11/16/2012

Jump Off
--Mr. Martin will be around with materials for you as you come in the door.  After the bell rings, he will give you directions for the upcoming task.

S. the C.
--information about graded work folders
--rationale/directions for Self-Evaluation

Self-Evaluation -- Plan for Success
--appropriately, honestly, and thoughtfully complete the packet section-by-section (read, time to reflect, read, time to reflect...)

Transition -- Self-Evaluations in/"Siren Song" and an index card up

Mini-Lesson -- Poetry Explication--"Siren Song"
--read "Siren Song" aloud twice to "get the gist"
--read poem aloud a third time--project text on front board--explication modeling (what is explication?)
--independent explication

Discussion Preparation -- Odyssey Unit Wrap-Up
--share the "Discussion Contribution Rating Scale" and protocol for today's discussion
--jot down ideas, questions, etc. for today's discussion on an index card--commit to one definite contribution (HIGHLIGHT)--MR. MARTIN MODELS

Transition -- pick up midterm exam information sheet from the front table and form a circle/take out notebook

Discussion -- Odyssey Unit Wrap-Up
--information shared about the set-up of the unit exam, determination of midterm exam score, and importance of last close reading questions/today's discussion
--Discussion Topics: Odyssey Books 21-23 notes, Food for Thought, film notes from last class, and explication of "Siren Song" 
 --draw cards--all students make initial contributions first--Mr. Martin jots ideas, questions, etc. on the board
--engage in "free-flowing" discussion
--Mr. Martin answers a few questions at the end as closure

--Consider your reflections from today's Self-Evaluation time--how can you (continue to) find success during the next three quarters?
--Prepare for the Odyssey Unit Examination, which will take place on Tuesday of next week.