Sunday, November 4, 2012

English 9--11/5/2012

Jump Off
--Pick up the "Drawing Study Strategy" sheet from the front table.

--Open your vocabulary book to page 35.  Look through the list of words, and put a star next to all of the words that you are pretty confident about knowing already.

S. the C.

Instruction -- Vocabulary Unit #3
--go over Unit #3 word list (page 35)
--Mr. Martin models the "Drawing Study Strategy" on the front board
--independent work time--implement the "Drawing Study Strategy" (5 mins.)
--share out (draw three cards)--add up to three more words/pictures via volunteers
--For HW, begin preparing for the quiz, which will take place on Friday--review will take place next class (time permitting)--LET'S DETERMINE A METHOD!

Transition -- take out Book 10 and Book 12 notes for The Odyssey

Review/Assessment -- Book 10 and Book 12
--look through notes--any questions/points of confusion? (2 mins.)
--discussion (up to 5 mins.)
--Transition--notes away/assessment up and started
--complete the assessment quietly and independently
--When finished with the assessment, think about everything that has happened so far in The Odyssey.  In the final section of the story entitled "The Homecoming", what do you think might happen?  Make sure that your prediction is text-based.  Jot your prediction down in your notebook.
--trade and grade

Transition -- quizzes in/final notes packet up

Note-Taking and Summarizing Activity -- Book 21: The Test of the Bow, Book 22: Death in the Great Hall, and Book 23: The Trunk of the Olive Tree
--point out "Food for Thought" projected on front board--bear these statements in mind during the reading as well
--oral reading of Book 21, Book 22, and Book 23--students carefully complete note-taking/summarizing task
--Discuss notes/"Food for Thought" together--what's our purpose?

--Begin preparing for the Unit #3 vocabulary quiz, which will take place on Friday--review will take place next class (time permitting).
--Make sure to bring your vocabulary book on Wednesday--Mr. Martin will not allow you to go to your locker if you forget.
--Finish/review notes for whatever we do not finish today in class today (finish The Odyssey!).
--Reminder: The epic can be found at the following web address if you ever need access to the story outside of the classroom: