Friday, October 4, 2013

English 9--10/8/2013

Jump Off
--Turn in your thoughtfully completed "The Great Discovery" by placing the document in the black basket on the front table. Make sure that your name is written somewhere on the assignment.

--Pick up an index card for use later in class.
--Get into groups based on like habit (e.g., if you SQ3R-ed Habit 1, get with all of your other peers who did the same).  In these groups, "put your heads together" by sharing what information you wrote down on the "Deepening Our Understanding of the Habits/Unit Terms" document at the end of last class.  Ultimately, you are deciding together what information to share with the entire class and how to successfully do so (" be understood").
*Mr. Martin will return your homework once he has finished taking a look*

S. the C.

--clarification of the Jump Off (if necessary)

"Synergizing" Activity/Notetaking -- The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
--finish small group work as preparation for sharing out
--whole-class share out--presenters “ be understood” while audience members “ understand”/take notes

*Following this engagement, all of Mr. Martin's English 9 students will be expected to be "masters" of the contents of the "Deepening Our Understanding..." notes document*
--Closure--On your index card that you picked up earlier in class, do the following from memory:

  • Pick a habit other than the one that you were initially assigned. Then, in sentence form, briefly summarize the habit.

--During the last chunk of class today, we are going to share some of the information from "The Great Discovery" with each other.  Look back through your document and star the one item that you want to share/don't mind sharing with the class.
--Form an alphabetical circle out of the desks. Have your "The Great Discovery" document handy/be ready to share.

Brain Break/Teambuilder/Sharpening the Saw -- "The Great Discovery" Community Circle--Finding All We Have in Common
--as sharing occurs, pay attention to all of the commonalities that exist from person to person to person--what do we all have in common?

Transition -- re-column the desks

Mandatory assignment:
--Bring your A-Game next class, as a district-mandated reading and writing skills assessment (Genesee Valley Educational Partnership English 9 Pre-Assessment) will take place for the bulk of the class block.
Optional assignments:
--Purposefully read sections of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens in order to "beef up" your notes document.
--Purposefully read information from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens about Personal Mission Statements (pages 81-91).  Your next major assignment will be crafting your own Personal Mission Statement, and this information should help you get started!
--It's still a good idea to see Mr. Martin for additional materials if you still need more parts of speech practice: You will be expected to know/apply your knowledge of the eight parts of speech (especially verb, preposition, and conjunction) throughout the remainder of the school year (and beyond!).  In fact, if you have yet to demonstrate mastery with regard to the parts of speech, Mr. Martin noted this circumstance on your 5 week report.