Tuesday, October 1, 2013

English 9--10/4/2013

Jump Off
--Turn in your mindfully completed SQ3R notes by placing your notes in the black basket on the front table.  Make sure that your name is written somewhere on the assignment.
--Pick up a copy of the "The Great Discovery" document from the front table.
--Spend the first few minutes of class studying for the forthcoming Unit #2 vocabulary quiz quietly and independently.  Mr. Martin will share with you a little incentive plan and be around with the quiz momentarily.
--When you finish the quiz, get started on "The Great Discovery"--mindful completion (MR. MARTIN MODELS) of this document is your homework for over the weekend, so getting a head start would be, well...PROACTIVE!
*Mr. Martin will return your homework once he has finished taking a look*

S. the C.
--trade and grade
--return quizzes to rightful owners--reflect on performance and note still-not-mastered words in your vocabulary book--Mr. Martin collects quizzes

--Pick up the notes document from the front table.  Spend approximately five minutes using your SQ3R notes to fill in as much of the required unit content as you can as preparation for meeting in small groups.


"Synergizing" Activity/Notetaking -- The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

--directions given for next step (focus on what and how--"seek..to be understood")
--Transition -- get with group members by assigned habit
--put heads together--discuss/combine ideas--determine what and how to share
--whole-class share out--audience members "seek...to understand"/take notes
*Following this engagement, all of Mr. Martin's English 9 students will be expected to be "masters" of the contents of the "Deepening Our Understanding..." notes document*

Closure -- T-O-D
--On a scrap of paper (or an index card from the front table if you prefer), do the following from memory:
  • Pick a habit other than the one that you were initially assigned.  Then, in sentence form, briefly summarize the habit.
  • You must properly use at least one Unit #2 vocabulary word somewhere within what you write.
HW Time

Mandatory assignment:
--Thoughtfully complete "The Great Discovery" for use during future classes.
Optional assignments:
--Purposefully read sections of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens in order to "beef up" your notes document. 
--It's still a good idea to see Mr. Martin for additional materials if you still need more parts of speech practice: You will be expected to know/apply your knowledge of the eight parts of speech (especially verb, preposition, and conjunction) throughout the remainder of the school year (and beyond!).