Thursday, September 8, 2016

English 9--9/14/2016 & 9/15/2016

    In the Door (1 min.)
    --please sit in your assigned seat

    Jump Off (3-5 mins.)
    --concept of the Jump Off explained again as a reminder
    • If the "Artifact Bag" on the front table belongs to you, please surreptitiously see me today in the library.
    • If, for some reason, I do not yet have your "Artifact Bag," write your first and last name on a Post-it Note, stick the Post-it to your bag, and place your bag in the appropriately labeled box located at the front of the classroom.
    • If, for some reason, I do not yet have your "Letter to Mr. Martin" assignment, place it in the black basket on the front table
    • Pick up the "Free Reading Course Component--Overview Document" from the front table.  Begin mindfully reading the document so that you can better understand one of the ways in which we read as part of English 9.  We'll look at/discuss this document some more at the library.
    --HW policy reminder

    S. the C. (5 mins.)
    --consequences posters pointed out--our classroom is bound by these posters from now until the end of the school year!


    Transition (3-5 mins.)
    --Upon returning from the library, ...
    • pick up an index card from the front table
    • take out your Article of the Week #1 document that you obtained on the first day of class.  Then,  purposefully read only the information located in the box at the top of the page and be ready to discuss your understanding of the text.
      • PurposeYou should know exactly what to do while independently reading this assignment.
        • How can you attend to this purpose before, during, and after the upcoming independent reading block?
    Literacy Activity (cont.) -- Article of the Week (25-30 mins.)
    --share rationale behind the Article of the Week (PowerPoint)--dealt with first slide in Block 1; did not get to in Block 2, Block 3, or Block 4
    Week #1 (same directions regardless of article)
    --Q & A about the directions
    • Another key reason why we do Article of the Week: purposeful and active reading practice!
    --active/purposeful independent reading of Article of the Week #1 as per directions and in order to answer the following closure question:
    • What is the author's/authors' main claim?  In other words, what is/are the author(s) of the text ultimately trying to argue?
    --Closure--Ticket-Out-the-Door (time permitting)
    • Write your name at the top of the lined side of your index card.  Then, answer the italicized question above in one-two complete sentences.  Good luck!
    • As soon as you have completed your best work, submit it to me at the front table.
    • If you finish and others are still working, engage in free reading of either your free reading book or Upfront newsmagazine.
    Teambuilding Activity -- Artifact Bags (time permitting)
    --I hand a paper bag to random student--he/she then displays items from the bag one at a time, briefly describing what he/she is seeing
    --guess who?!
    --owner of bag further describes, explains, shares anecdotes, etc. as a form of introduction to teacher/peers

    HW (Class Preparation)
    --If you signed out a book from the library today or if you have a book at home that you are reading or would like to begin reading for our free reading course component, bring the book to class next time (and daily between now and when you finish the book or the end of Marking Period 2, whichever comes first).  Otherwise, make time to sign a book out either from our classroom library or the high school library.  I will be checking your books in the near future!

    --Finish actively/purposefully reading Article of the Week #1.  Be ready to answer the question about author's/authors' argument if you have not already done so.