Friday, September 2, 2016

English 10 Honors--9/7/2016

In the Door  (2 mins.)
--sit at desk with Classroom Coupon and index card
--purpose of Classroom Coupon

Jump Off  (8 mins.)
--concept of the Jump Off explained (an in-the-door protocol we'll follow each class day this year)
--write down five interview questions on index card--I will provide a few examples and share the writing prompt toward which today's interviews are building

Anticipatory Set  (8-10 mins.)
--welcome/broad course overview:
  • Reading Like a Champ
    • Literature
    • Nonfiction 
  • Writing Like a Champ
  • Speaking Like a Champ
  • The Human Element
--information about blog

Activity #1 -- Teacher Introduction/Teambuilding (15-20 mins.)
--I hand a paper bag to random student--he/she then displays items from the bag one at a time, briefly describing what he/she is seeing
--guess who?!
--I further describe, explain, share anecdotes, etc. as a form of introduction (also referring to the "Who is Mr. Martin?" bulletin board/PowerPoint)
--Transition--pick up a paper bag and the "Artifact Bag" sheet from the front table
--purposeful oral reading of assignment sheet
--Q & A

Activity #2 -- Partner Interviews/Research  (30-35 mins.)
--form pairs by drawing cards
--in partnerships, conduct interviews/take notes (10-15 mins.)
--whole-class share-out--draw cards and share one intriguing piece of information learned (time permitting)

Transition -- notes shared and put away/HW materials up and directions given (3 mins.)
  • Letter
  • "Important Information" document
  • "English 10 Honors--Literature and Nonfiction Terms/Concepts" document
HW Time -- Mr. Martin's "Important Information" Document  (remainder of class time)
--engage in purposeful reading of document in preparation for assessment next class

HW (Class Preparation)
--Complete the "Artifact Bag" assignment as directed to turn in at the beginning of class on Tuesday, 9/13 .  I am looking forward to taking "breaks in the action" the next few weeks in order to use these bags for teambuilding!
--Get in touch with the first partner you worked with during class today and continue engaging in the "research" process.  The more intriguing information you have gathered about your partner by the middle of next week, the better!
--Purposefully read the "Important Information" document and bring the necessary materials to next class.  Have your parent(s)/guardian(s) review the letter and the document. Bring the signature slip to next class to turn in for a 100% homework grade.
--Begin/continue working with your "English 10 Honors--Literature and Nonfiction Terms/Concepts" as directed.
--Prepare for the following ASSESSMENTS:
  • mastery of the policies ("Important Information" document) next class (9/9)
  • mastery of terms/concepts ("English 10 Honors--Literature and Nonfiction Terms/Concepts" document) at the end of next week (9/15) 
--Make sure to SEE ME if you have any questions about anything from today's class!  Though I know it might be a little intimidating or seem "weird," you need to get used to advocating for yourselves and become comfortable working with me and your other teachers ASAP! :)