Wednesday, September 7, 2016

English 9--9/12/2016 & 9/13/2016

FYI: Block 1 and Block 2 ACE will be shortened to about 50 minutes due to an assembly in the auditorium.


In the Door (1 min.)
--Please find your name card and sit in the corresponding desk (alphabetical order--these are your assigned seats for now) where you will find a Post-it Note.

Jump Off (8-10 mins.)

--concept of the Jump Off explained yet again as a reminder
  • Write your first and last name on the Post-it Note located on your desk.  Then, stick the Post-it to your "Artifact Bag."  Finally, turn in your bag by placing it in the appropriately labeled box located at the front of the classroom.
  • If you have already turned in your "Artifact Bag," but it is not labeled, see me at the front table.
  • Turn in your "Letter to Mr. Martin" assignment by placing it in the black basket on the front table.  I am REALLY looking forward to reading these letters and hope you did a good job!
  • Open your notebook to a clean page. Put today's date (9/12 or 9/13) in the lefthand margin and label the page "Establishing Our Classroom Environment: Rule of the Room."  The overarching rule in Room 203 is "Respect Each Other!."  Based on your understanding of the concept of respect, think about some of your past experiences in classrooms and make a list of behaviors that you have witnessed that could be considered disrespectful (and, therefore, would be breaking our key rule).  For example, in my notes, I might write down the following: "Talking while the teacher is talking."  Good luck--raise your hand if you need these directions clarified.
--HW policy reminder/"see me" list shared

S. the C. (5 mins.)


Discussion (cont.) – Establishing Our Classroom Environment: Commitments & Rule of the Room/Consequences (30-40 mins.)

--share commitments poster gleaned from student index cards--if you agree with the items on this list and are ready to do your best committing to the items, sign your name below the poster.
--share Rule of the Room--potential "breaks" from the Jump Off discussed (link to student commitments)
--discuss potential consequences and make decisions via chart on PowerPoint ("My thoughts...your thoughts?")


--If time still remains in the class block prior to being called down to the auditorium, we will take a "brain break."


--We should have just enough time to complete the items listed above upon returning from the auditorium.


Brain Break -- Mum Ball

HW (Class Preparation)
--Enjoy a few nights off from English homework! :)
--Block 3 and Block 4 students: Work on selecting a free reading book (if you did not have success finding one today).  AS SOON AS YOU HAVE A BOOK SELECTED, YOU MUST ALWAYS BRING THE BOOK TO CLASS!