Friday, May 31, 2013

Senior English--6/3/2013

Jump Off
--If you are ready to share your final assignment today, write your name up on the front board.

S. the C.
--inform students about Obligation Forms

Group Share -- The Final Assignment

Hooked on Books -- The Kite Runner
--If you still need to revise your research paper (or another assignment) to achieve mastery for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio and/or need to meet with Mr. Martin, do so during this block of time.  WE HAVE TWO CLASSES TOGETHER REMAINING AFTER TODAY.
Block 4:

Film -- Marc Forster's The Kite Runner
--continue viewing the film/considering items on the sheet

Closure -- Discuss the Film/Novel

--The Regional Post-Assessment will take place at the beginning of next class (Wednesday, 6/5/2013) . Though the contents of said test are a bit of a mystery, the test will likely be similar to the Regional Pre-Assessment completed on 11/8/2012. Your goal is to show improvement from your pre-assessment to your post-assessment (which, theoretically, indicates that you have mastered certain skills throughout the school year).  If your score improves, a 100% will be added to your Quarter 4 class participation score.
--Sharing of the final assignment will continue next class (Wednesday, 6/5/2013). Mr. Martin's model from last class should set the bar for expectations (a visual and specific details)--look to reach (or go above and beyond!) the bar.
--Finish reading The Kite Runner by our last day of class--the final novel exam will take place on this day (Friday, 6/7/2013). Continue reviewing your "Mini-Research Presentation Notes" as well.
--If you need to continue revising your research paper in order to achieve mastery for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio (your Senior English Final Exam), get the job done.
--Turn in any books that you owe to Mr. Martin ASAP!