Tuesday, May 28, 2013

English 9--5/29/2013

Jump Off
--Pick up a copy of the "English 9 Department Exam Study Guide -- June 2013" from the front table.
--Justin Marcy/Sarah Rossborough: Please grab the grammar hammer from the front of the room and give it a drop.  Then, make sure that everyone has a copy of the sheet entitled "Common Error: Missing or misplaced possessive apostrophe".

S. the C.

--briefly discuss the study guide/final exam
--discuss next block of instruction as it pertains to the Dragonsong Unit Final Essay assignment, which will be returned next class
--purposefully read through the top half of the first page of the grammar hammer sheet together

Instruction -- Missing or misplaced possessive apostrophe
--independently complete the PRACTICE
--go over the PRACTICE together

--Take out your Act I study guide and drama terms notes page.
--Pick up a copy of the Act II study guide from the front table.
--Engage in a "materials assessment" together.  What do we need to discuss in order to mostly understand Act I before moving on?  What are we "looking for" while viewing Act II?  Do any of the drama terms "need defining" in order to find success with the Act II study guide?  If so, let's "take care of business" before moving on.  Etc. 

Film -- Act II of Franco Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet 
--purposefully view the film/follow along in the text until a few minutes remaining in class--gather information for discussion/assessment preparation by jotting down notes and responding to study guide prompts/questions

Closure -- Wrap-up Discussion

--Finish Act II (purposeful reading of the play via study guide) if we do not finish in class.
--Continue reviewing your "Background Information Mini-Presentation Notes" page prior to next class, as an upcoming assessment is quite possible!
--Items on the “backburner” of which to be aware:
  • Some students still have not reached mastery for writing pieces that must be included within the portfolio; you cannot advance to English 10 without a completed Writing Portfolio.  Mr. Martin will attempt to touch base with you ASAP if this circumstance pertains to you.
  • All English 9 students will take both a department final exam and a Regional Post-Assessment next week.  The study guide handed out today will be especially helpful in preparing for the department final exam and should also help with preparation for the Regional Post-Assessment.  Though the contents of the regional test are a bit of a mystery, the test will likely be similar to the Regional Pre-Assessment completed on 11/7/2012.  Mr. Martin hopes that you prepare diligently for each of these exams, as the test results are meant to help him determine what you learned throughout the year, and he is confident you have learned a lot!  START STUDYING ASAP.