Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Senior English--5/23/2013

Jump Off
--If you happen to have your vocabulary book, open it up to the Unit #11 word list.  Otherwise, pick up a copy of the word list from the front table.  We will begin class today by going over the word list (our final unit of the school year!).  As we read through, you should be considering any tips/tricks for sharing (Mr. Martin will model with the first word on the list: abrogate).  Don't forget about our incentive plan (Block 1 has tentatively earned their incentive for Unit #10 pending the work of Reeder, Saxton, and Shirley)!

S. the C. 
--go over the Unit #11 word list--get tips/tricks written up on the board (and in margins of vocabulary books/word list pages)
--devise a vocabulary plan of action for next class

--Pick up the sheet entitled “The Three Questions” from the front table--read the directions and respond accordingly.

Activity – The Three Questions
--share responses
--Transition -- move desks--sit on floor for “story time”!
--read the back of the sheet
--read-aloud of The Three Questions--students respond to the three questions as directed
--Transition -- re-row desks/respond to final two questions

Discussion – The Kite Runner up to page 202
--take a look at pictures posted on the blog from our discussion following The Black Donnellys:

To discuss:
--back of the activity sheet
--connections back to where the unit began
--any personal comprehension/discussion notes from the last two sections of the reading
--Mr. Martin, as per usual, will be assessing contributions via the “Discussion Contribution Rating Scale” and hopes to hear from everybody!

HW Time 
--Hooked on The Kite Runner

--Bring your vocabulary book next class for review purposes--the quiz will take place on Thursday, 5/30.  Don’t forget about our incentive plan!
--Read up to page 258 of The Kite Runner.  Jot down notes for comprehension/discussion on Post-its, on a sheet of paper, in your notebook...whatever you prefer!
--Continue reviewing your "Mini-Research Presentation Notes" prior to next class.
--Items on the “backburner” of which to be aware:
  • Some students still have not reached mastery for writing pieces that must be included within the portfolio; you cannot graduate without a completed Cumulative Writing Portfolio.  Mr. Martin will attempt to touch base with you if this circumstance pertains to you, yet this should be on your radar!
  • All Senior English students will take a Regional Post-Assessment within the next few weeks.  Though the contents of said test are a bit of a mystery, the test will likely be similar to the Regional Pre-Assessment completed on 11/8/2012.  You might be asking yourself, Can I prepare for this test?  The answer is yes, and Mr. Martin hopes that you do, as this test is meant to help him determine what you learned throughout the year.
  • The final assignment of the year for Mr. Martin’s Senior English students involves reconsidering your 100 Goals List, reflecting on your final year of high school, and selecting a major accomplishment/prideful moment about which to talk to the class--you should begin the reflection process ASAP!