Thursday, May 31, 2012

Senior English--6/1/2012 & 6/4/2012

Jump Off
—Open up your vocabulary book to pg. 117.  We will begin class today by going over the word list (our final unit of the school year!).  As we read through, you should be considering any tips/tricks for sharing.  Don't forget about our class competition for the quiz on Thursday/Friday!
—If you have not handed in your mini-research paper/if you did not present last class, YOU MUST SEE ME before the end of the day today.

S. the C. – agenda/rationale/HW, review sheet handed out/gone over

Transition – pick up the sheet entitled “The Three Questions” from the front table—read the directions and respond accordingly.

ActivityThe Three Questions
—share responses
—move desks—sit on floor for “story time”!
—read the back of the sheet
—read-aloud of The Three Questions—students respond to the three questions as directed
Transition – re-row desks, pick up sheet entitled “Discussion—up to page 272” from the front table, respond to final two questions

DiscussionThe Kite Runner up to page 272
—prior to forming a circle, read through discussion sheet and peruse the novel accordingly
Transition – form a circle
To discuss:
—back of the activity sheet
—items from “Discussion—up to page 272” sheet
—themes and reading notes
—Mr. Martin will be assessing discussion contributions

DEARTKR up to page 326

—BRING YOUR VOCABULARY BOOK AGAIN NEXT CLASS for review purposes--the quiz will take place on 6/7 (6/8)--don't forget about our class competition!
—Prepare for the final exam—the end of the school year will sneak up on you!
—Read TKR up to 326 and complete Post-its/notes as per the directions sheet.