Thursday, May 3, 2012

Senior English--5/7/2012 & 5/8/2012

Jump Off -- Open up your vocabulary book to pg. 91.  We will begin class today by going over the word list.  As we read through, you should be considering any tips/tricks for sharing.  Don't forget about our class competition for the quiz on Friday/Monday!

S. the C. -- agenda/rationale/HW, review sheet for end-of-play assessment

Transition -- study guide up (optional)

Film -- Act V, scene ii (The End!) of Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet
--finish mindfully viewing the film as preparation for end-of-play assessment
*follow along in the text itself
*take notes (e.g., take note of confusing aspects to "check on" with study aids outside of class; look for significant passages; what else?!)
*respond to study guide questions/prompts
*evaluate how the film version interprets Shakespeare's source text

Transition -- pick up a theme examples packet from the front table

Activity -- Culminating Assignment--Part 2 (So what?!)
--share literature goal for theme (Common Core)
--consideration of Essential Question (What makes a work of literature a "timeless classic"?)--link to task
--how does one create a theme statement?--MODEL
--read through theme examples (great review for the upcoming exam!) and develop a theme statement
--form groups by theme--share/compare/create a theme statement to share
--share out

Closure -- Stump the Chump (if time)

--BRING YOUR VOCABULARY BOOK AGAIN NEXT CLASS--we will do something called "personal connection review"
--Finish mastering William Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Hamlet/use review sheet to prepare for the end-of-play assessment (next class)