Wednesday, May 30, 2012

English 10 Honors--5/31/2012

Jump Off – Pick up the grammar sheet about possessive apostrophes from the front table.  Quietly and independently read the instructions and complete the practice.

S. the C. – agenda/rationale/HW, “S” rules/go over J.O.

—Pick up the sheet entitled “Psychoanalytic Theory—Examining the Novel for Clues to Martel’s View of Religion”.  Read through the sheet prior to Mr. Martin assigning religions.

Discussion Preparation – Psychoanalytic Theory—Examining the Novel for Clues to Martel’s View of Religion
—assign religions
—independent work time (point out list entitled “Pay special attention to:” on the front board)—peruse the book/answer questions
—group work time—compare sheets/continue perusing the book and answering questions

Transition – form a circle

DiscussionLife of Pi up to page 239
—discuss Martel’s view of religion based on earlier class work
—continue discussing the novel through the lenses of different critical perspectives (Mythological/Archetypal Approach, Psychoanalytic Theory, and Formalist Approach)

Oral Reading OR DEAR OR Final Assessment Work Time

—Continue working on the final assessment—the end of the school year will sneak up on you!
—Prepare for possessive apostrophe quiz next class.
—Read up to page 279 (end of CHAPTER 79) of Life of Pi and take notes for discussion as per your critical perspective.