Thursday, May 17, 2012

Senior English--5/21/2012 & 5/22/2012

Jump Off -- Open up your vocabulary book to pg. 98.  We will begin class today by going over the word list.  As we read through, you should be considering any tips/tricks for sharing.  Don't forget about our class competition for the quiz on Friday/Tuesday!

S. the C. -- agenda/rationale/HW

Transition -- take out "Illumination Paper--Mini-Research" assignment sheet/pick up aid and exemplar from front table

Looking Ahead -- Illumination Paper--Mini-Research
--revisit assignment sheet
--read through "Mini-Research Aid--Determining Source Credibility/Validity"--share UC Berkeley website (
--read exemplar
--talk about letter grading

Transition -- take out your copy of The Kite Runner and discussion notes/form a circle

Discussion -- TKR up to page 34
--themes, reading notes, Essential Question applied to the novel, etc.
--Mr. Martin will be assessing discussion contributions

Oral Reading -- TKR up to page 100
 --re-row desks before class ends

--"Let's Keep This Straight!" sheet
--Khaled Hosseini background
--Kite fighting video clip

--BRING YOUR VOCABULARY BOOK AGAIN NEXT CLASS for review purposes--the quiz will take place on 5/25 (5/29)--don't forget about our class competition!
--Mini-research papers are due for presentation to the class on 5/30 (5/31).
--Read TKR up to page 100 and complete Post-its/notes as per the directions sheet.