Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Senior English -- 3/1/2012

Jump Off
--Find your name card and take a seat.
--Spend approximately five minutes completing the questionnaire on your desk.  It’s been a long time--we need to catch up!

S. the C. -- agenda/rationale/HW, go back over Non-Negotiable Expectations and Procedures, discussion directions

Transition -- form a circle

Discussion -- Let’s Catch Up
--engage in discussion as per questionnaire
--discuss speech delivery/schedule
--pronunciation of vocabulary words

Transition -- re-row desks while Mr. Martin hands out self-reflection packets

Self-Reflection -- Quarter 2 and Senior Research
--carefully complete packet to turn in

HW Time -- Unit #5 Vocabulary Review
--remind students about the way in which quizzes are set up

--if you have not done so already, go over Unit #5 word list (pgs. 58-60) and complete Synonyms and Antonyms (pg. 62)--the quiz will take place next class--don't forget about the format of the quiz and the various study options at your disposal
--if you still have an outside reading book, please bring it in next class to turn in
--prepare speech as per our circle discussion