Tuesday, February 28, 2012

English 10 Honors--2/29/2012

Jump Off -- take out your vocabulary book and open to pg. 62

S. the C. -- agenda/rationale/HW, go over Synonyms and Antonyms

Instructional/Review Activity – CNN Student News Conversations
--while viewing CNN Student News, jot down notes so that you can “talk about the issues”
--after viewing the news, look back through your notes and incorporate as many of your new 25 vocabulary words as possible—can you “talk about the issues” intelligently by using a wide-ranging vocabulary?
--in pairs, engage in a scholarly discussion about current events
--as a whole group, share stand-out instances of vocabulary usage
--for HW, prepare for the vocabulary quiz (next class)--study options?

Transition -- sign out a The Count of Monte Cristo book at the front table--Mr. Martin will be around to hand out character posters

Instruction/HW Time -- The Count of Monte Cristo
--"set the table" for some of our work with the novel (go over the purpose of and expectations for character posters and re-visit the Post-It Strategy)--see HW below
--talk about the purpose of the "Key Facts" and share the first two
--begin mindfully reading (orally...independently)

T-O-D -- Respond to the following question on a scrap of paper to hand in:  What motivates Danglars?  Pick a direct quotation that helped lead you to your conclusion.

--prepare for the vocabulary quiz (next class)--study options?
--figure out enough about your character (flip through book, use the internet, etc.) to find an accurate picture to use as a visual representation--print picture and attach to poster before next class--be prepared to share with the class why you picked the picture that you did
--while reading pgs. 1-30, work on character posters (if any of your characters "show up" in this section of the reading) and complete Post-Its (focus especially on flagging seemingly important passages)