Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Senior English -- 2/29/2012

Jump Off
--pick up both an index card and the packet entitled "Pre-reading Discussion Activity--The Lion King" from the front table
--turn in any outside reading books

S. the C. -- quick HW check (Mr. Martin hands out slips), go over Synonyms and Antonyms, agenda/rationale/HW, give directions for viewing The Lion King (take notes about the basic plot of the film/mark up song lyrics--discussion will ensue)
The Lion King is The Tragedy of Hamlet!

Film -- The Lion King
--view mindfully as per directions

T-O-D -- turn in both index card (don't forget to write your name on it!) and packet before leaving

--review for the Unit #5 vocabulary quiz (next class)--don't forget about the format of the quiz and the various study options at your disposal
--if you still have an outside reading book, please bring it in next class to turn in