Wednesday, February 29, 2012

English 10 Honors--3/2/2012

Jump Off -- please pick up the Unit #5 vocabulary quiz from the front table and complete it--good luck!

S. the C. -- agenda/rationale/HW, trade and grade

Transition -- quizzes in/listening activity sheet up

Listening Activity -- Alexandre Dumas
--complete activity as per directions
--for HW, make sure that you are reviewing your notes, as I may "check in on" your knowledge at any time

Transition -- notes away, reading notes out, respond to T-O-D from last class, discussion directions, form a circle

Discussion -- The Count of Monte Cristo pgs. 1-30
--character posters (stick on the front of your desk)--rationale for picture chosen, valuable information from pgs. 1-30
--Post-Its (or...), especially important passages
--T-O-Ds from transition time

Transition -- re-row desks

HW Time

--while reading pgs. 30-63, work on character posters (if any of your characters "show up" in this section of the reading) and complete Post-Its (focus especially on flagging seemingly important passages)
--develop a theme statement about a theme that has emerged thus far in the novel--pick a direct quotation that helped lead you to your conclusion