Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Senior English -- 2/27/2012

Jump Off
–Find your name card and take a seat.
–Spend approximately five minutes completing the questionnaire on your desk.  It’s been a long time—we need to catch up!

S. the C. – agenda/rationale/HW, go back over Non-Negotiable Expectations and Procedures, discussion directions

Transition – form a circle

Discussion – Let’s Catch Up
–engage in discussion as per questionnaire
–discuss speech delivery/schedule

Transition – re-row desks while Mr. Martin hands out self-reflection packets

Self-Reflection – Quarter 2 and Senior Research
–carefully complete packet to turn in

HW Time – Unit #5 Vocabulary
–remind students about the way in which quizzes are set up

–go over Unit #5 word list (pgs. 58-60) and complete Synonyms and Antonyms (pg. 62)—the quiz will take place on Friday (BDF)
–if you still have an outside reading book, please bring it in next class to turn in
–prepare speech as per our circle discussion