Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Senior English--10/27/2011 & 10/28/2011

(Block 1 ACE) Jump Off -- take out your notes from the last few classes and your homework--craft a definition of Carpe Diem--in your definition, use a properly punctuated compound sentence--MR. MARTIN MUST CHECK YOUR QUESTIONS FROM LAST CLASS IF HE HASN'T ALREADY

(Block 1 ACE) S. the C. -- agenda/rationale/HW, go over Jump Off/HW


(Block 3 ACE, Block 1 BDF, Block 2 BDF) Jump Off -- pick up your explicated "To the Virgins..." poem from Mr. Martin (in Block 2, take out explication and continue for a few more minutes)--flip the sheet over and begin responding to questions on the back independently (5 mins.)

(Block 3 ACE, Block 1 BDF, Block 2 BDF) S. the C. -- agenda/rationale/HW, conduct whole-group explication, finish questions on the back (turn in when finished)

Transition -- materials up

Assessment -- Compound Sentence Commas TILES
--review (share) tip for finding error
--model directions
--complete assessment via PowerPoint
--Block 3 ACE, Block 1 BDF, and Block 2 BDF--pick up instructions sheet--complete PRACTICE as reinforcement for HW

Transition -- materials in

Application Activity -- Poetry Explication
--what is "explication"?
--revisit "To the Virgins..." one final time--push for "poemy" items as part of explication
--share author information--consider author purpose
--select a poem for explication purposes (Hamlet's "To be..." soliloquy, Eberhart's "The Groundhog", Dave Matthews Band's "Pig", or whatever!)
--engage in independent explication--be prepared to share at least one thought
--share out--modeling explication process/considering Carpe Diem-type ideas

Closure --So What?
--respond to this question--demonstrate understanding of both comma rules

--Block 3 ACE, Block 1 BDF, and Block 2 BDF--complete PRACTICE sheet
--prepare for the grammar quiz next class--the quiz pertains to BOTH comma errors that we have reviewed
--bring your vocabulary book next class