Friday, October 21, 2011

English 10 Honors--10/24/2011

Jump Off -- pick up vocabulary quiz--complete quietly and independently
*When finished, take out your "recipe book".  Add to your outline with this phrase in mind:  "For example,..."  Then, take out your vocabulary book and open to page 35--look through the word list and star any words that you already know.  Can you deftly use any of our Units 1-3 vocabulary words in your literary analysis essay?

S. the C. -- agenda/rationale/HW, trade and grade #1-22 (write a numerator over 22 at top of graded exam)--quizzes collected
--demonstrate current understanding of Unit #2 vocabulary words
--familiarize with Unit #3 vocabulary words--leave class knowing approximately half?
--continue developing a "plan of attack" for the Regents Part 4 literary analysis essay--apply this "plan of attack" while reviewing The Contender and Million Dollar Baby--leave class feeling confident applying this "plan of attack" independently

Instruction -- Vocabulary Unit #3
--go over Unit #3 word list and five supplemental words
--complete Synonyms/Antonyms--work on additional exercises if waiting for peers--go over Syn./Ant.
--for HW, familiarize yourself with the supplemental words and begin preparing for the quiz--don't forget your study options!
Writing Workshop -- Regents Part 4
--quick-write--introduction--take a look at the vocabulary words "splashed" up on the front board--USE!!!
--share out and craft a class introduction
--Transition -- form groups (four of three and two of four)
--craft body paragraphs--make sure to...
--scan in--whole-group critique--Mr. Martin picks best!
--put it all together--craft a class conclusion

Closure (T-O-D) -- "I was absent!  How do I do this essay?!"
--answer this question--you must use three vocabulary words in your response!

--prepare for the vocabulary quiz on Friday--same format plus revisiting Units #1 and #2
--come to class next time ready to attack a Part 4--review The Old Man and the Sea (hint, hint)!