Tuesday, October 11, 2011

English 10 Honors--10/12/2011

Jump Off -- take out "The Simple Sentence" grammar-related packet from two classes ago--look at your responses for the sentences written up on the front board

S. the C. -- agenda/rationale/goals/HW
--know the elements of a simple sentence and be able to pick elements out in a piece of writing
--know comma rule for introductory elements and transitional phrases and be able to use tips to apply this rule to a piece of writing
--know and understand score for Unique Peer Essay and consider areas for improvement
--know at least one piece of new information about some of your peers
--gather more meaningful notes for future writing assignment

Instruction -- The Grammar Hammer/Unique Peer Essays
--go over some sentences from "The Simple Sentence" packet together--link to Parts of Speech work from earlier in the course
--take out "Missing comma after an introductory element" packet from two classes ago--look through responses
--share rule/tips
--go over PRACTICE
--for HW, prepare for "Missing comma after an introductory element" assessment --direct student attention to the front board where information about Unique Peer Essay scores is written--go over information and link to grammar hammer work

--call students up to front table to hand back essays, take time to self-reflect
--form a circle

Brain Break/Teambuilder -- Unique Peer Essays

--read some more aloud

Transition -- re-row desks/take out Million Dollar Baby notes

Film/Notetaking -- Million Dollar Baby
--review purpose of notes/what to look for
--continue viewing the film until right before class ends

Closure -- Encapsulating Sentence
--jot down one of the following: an area for improvement in writing, a learning about a peer, or a piece of meaningful information from the film--you must use a properly punctuated introductory element/transitional phrase in your sentence

--prepare for "Missing comma after an introductory element" assessment, which will take place next class