Monday, October 17, 2011

English 10 Honors--10/20/2011

Jump Off -- respond to the following question in your notes: What is a literary analysis essay?

S. the C. -- share out as per the Jump Off, agenda/rationale/HW, take out Million Dollar Baby film notes

Writing Workshop -- Regents Part 4
--organize The Contender and Million Dollar Baby information/notes as per understanding of literary analysis essay (independent work/whole-group work)
--Transition -- sheet up from front table
--read aloud together--further organize notes with purpose in mind
--quick-write--introduction--take a look at the vocabulary words "splashed" up on the front board--USE!!!
--share out and craft a class introduction

Brain Break -- Mum Ball/Unique Peer Essays

Transition -- recipe book up

HW time -- organize notes into an outline via packet--come to class next time ready to write!

--prepare for the vocabulary quiz (next class)--same format as last class plus revisiting Unit #1
--complete the recipe book using The Contender and Million Dollar Baby