Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Senior English--10/13/2011 & 10/14/2011

Jump Off
--essays turned in
--grammar hammer dropped--pick up packet from front table--read and complete PRACTICE quietly and independently
*Essays checked/given back during grammar hammer time*

S. the C. -- old business (information from self-reflections), agenda/rationale/goals/HW, go over J.O.
--know comma rule for introductory elements and transitional phrases and be able to use tips to apply this rule to a piece of writing (e.g., your first essay-writing assignment!)
--recognize that writing is a mindful process
--be able to critically read your essay and revise accordingly--leave class with essay at least  3/4 analyzed

Transition -- two sheets up (interactive rubric/chart)

Writing Workshop -- College Admission/Job Interview/Military Essay
--model process of analysis with past student essay
--set parameters for work block
--work block--essay analysis via interactive rubric/chart

Closure -- What did you accomplish?
--you must use a properly punctuated introductory element/transitional phrase in your sentence

--prepare for grammar hammer assessment, which will take place next class (Missing comma after an introductory element)
--revise your essay as per today's class work--YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST WORK IS DUE AT THE BEGINNING OF NEXT CLASS