Thursday, October 13, 2011

Senior English--10/17/2011 & 10/18/2011

Jump Off
--essays turned in/vocabulary books up
--write a few sentences about your weekend--you must use a properly punctuated introductory element/transitional phrase in one of your sentences
*Essays checked for completion while students write*

S. the C. -- names written on books (pass around markers), agenda/rationale/goals/HW, go over J.O. (reviewing for assessment)
--demonstrate current understanding of comma rule (missing comma after an introductory element/transitional phrase)--deepen understanding through modeling/practice
--refine listening and notetaking skills
--understand what's happening in education in New York and nationwide and the implications for Livonia's seniors
--determine current knowledge with regard to Level G vocabulary words
--familiarize with Level G Unit #1 words--leave class knowing at least 5 of 20

Transition -- materials up

Assessment -- TILES (Missing comma after an introductory element/transitional phrase)
--model directions
--complete assessment via PowerPoint

Transition -- materials in

Listening Activity/Discussion -- "Most New York Students Are Not College-Ready"
--article read aloud--jot down notes for discussion
--engage in discussion

Transition -- form a circle without desks

Brain Break -- 3-Ball Toss

Transition -- re-row desks

Assessment -- Sadlier-Oxford Level G Diagnostic Test
--quietly and independently complete test (pg. 18)
--go over test (three-in-a-row style)--keep track of number incorrect
--collect data for "diagnosis" (heads down/hands up--stats on board and in gradebook)

Instruction -- Vocabulary Unit #1
--rationale/routine--connect to discussion from earlier in class
--go over Unit #1 word list--star those you already know
--complete Synonyms/Antonyms--work on additional exercises if waiting for peers
--go over Syn./Ant.
--for HW, finish all of the Unit #1 exercises--review next class

Closure -- "Today, I learned..."--must properly use at least one vocabulary word

--finish Unit #1 exercises--review next class/quiz the class after next