Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Senior English--10/21/2011 & 10/24/2011

Jump Off -- turn in symposium contribution, pick up and quietly complete vocabulary quiz

Assessment -- Vocabulary Unit #1
--when finished, put quiz on floor next to desk--look through notes for symposium (Mr. Martin has given back)

S. the C. -- trade and grade--reflect, agenda/rationale/HW, old business
--Block 1 ACE:  finish test exemplars
--Block 3 ACE:  add to Carpe Diem definition as per instructor's notes, look at test exemplars
--Block 1 BDF:  build definition via prior knowledge (have shared notes, but quickly), watch DPS clip, put official Carpe Diem definition in notes, look at test exemplars
--Block 2 BDF:  entire mini-lesson (NO SYMPOSIUM)--connect back to "virgin", look at test exemplars
--demonstrate current understanding of Unit #1 vocabulary words
--Block 2 BDF:  understand the definitions of "Carpe Diem" and "explication" and be able to explicate a piece of poetry
--recognize that Carpe Diem-related ideas are everywhere and be able to provide several examples --consider our work so far this year under the umbrella of Carpe Diem 
--review introductory element comma rule--demonstrate enduring understanding 

Transition -- scored quizzes in, form a circle

Symposium -- Carpe Diem
--model via "Pig"
--share contributions (draw cards)
--how does what we have done so far this year "fit" (or not fit)? 

Old Business -- "To the Virgins..."
--continue with explication (if time)--students independently explicate first

Closure -- Encapsulating Sentences
--Write three sentences sharing learnings from today's symposium (or class block in Block 2 BDF)--you must use a properly punctuated common introductory element in one of your sentences

--enjoy the weekend!