Friday, March 24, 2017

English 9--3/28/2017 & 3/29/2017

Jump Off #1 (1-2 mins.)
--Take out your copy of the Act III Reading Guide so that we can finish engaging in a "materials assessment" together.  What are we "looking for" while viewing the rest of Act III?
--The following students should strongly consider checking in with me at the end of class today: 
  • Austin H.
  • Hunter L.
  • Donovan M.
S. the C. (5-8 mins.)
--Reminder: Beginning with the end in mind--our ultimate purpose when dealing with The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet (especially when closely re-reading sections of the play):

ROUGH End-of-Unit Assessment Writing Prompt:
Write a multi-paragraph essay in which you argue the extent to which both Romeo and Juliet are fatally impulsive by analyzing their responses to similar circumstances.  Then, answer the "so what" question: Why did Shakespeare develop his two main characters in this manner?


Film/First-Draft "Reading" -- Act III of Franco Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet (15-20 mins.)
--finish “materials assessment”--read remaining prompts/questions aloud so that students know what to “look for” while viewing Act III
--purposefully view Act III of the film--gather information for discussion/assessment preparation by jotting down notes and responding to reading guide prompts/questions

Discussion Preparation Stations Activity -- Act II and Act III of The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet (30-ish mins.)

--rationale behind activity
  • The follow-up circle discussion initially planned has been cancelled, so an extra premium is now placed upon the work about to take place!
--rough overview of each station
  • The directions located at each station should be clear--if a group leader reads the directions and gets you started, I can always come over and help out if you are confused!
--"anchor in" to the "Compact for Group Work"
--groups assigned
--work time--5 minutes per station

HW (Class Preparation)
--Finish preparing for the next Romeo and Juliet Unit mini-test, which will take place next class (Thursday, 3/30 [BDF] or Friday, 3/31 [ACE]).  To prepare, ...
    • consider reviewing your "Purposeful Viewing of Gnomeo & Juliet" document
    • review the character map on the inside cover of your Parsons text
    • review your "Drama Terms Notes/Poetry Terms Notes" document
    • review both "Drama Term Tracking Sheet #1" and "Drama Term Tracking Sheet #2"
    • strongly consider rereading Act II of the play and visiting the following web address in order to further improve your Act II Reading Guide responses
    • review your Act II Reading Guide responses
    • strongly consider rereading Act III of the play and visiting the following web address in order to further improve your Act III Reading Guide responses
    • review your Act III Reading Guide responses
    • review your "Act III--Paraphrasing Practice" document--you will be asked to paraphrase a passage from the play on the assessment!
    --Consider coming to see me to look over your mini-test.  I would have liked to return the assessments prior to the next mini-test, but I have a student who has yet to make up the assessment.
    --Aim to read at least 5-10 pages of your free reading book between now and next class.  ALWAYS BRING YOUR FINAL FREE READING BOOK OF THE SCHOOL YEAR TO CLASS!