Thursday, March 30, 2017

English 10 Honors--4/3/2017

Jump Off
--Find your name card and sit in your new assigned seat.  Then, clear your desks of all but a writing utensil.

S. the C.
--complete reading for details assessment
  • After turning in your assessment, either free read OR prepare for discussion OR read The Alchemist until everyone is finished.
--After a ceremonial dropping of the grammar hammer by Aidan, we will purposefully read through the top two thirds of the first page of the grammar hammer document together.

Instruction -- Missing Comma(s) with a Nonrestrictive Element
--purposeful reading
--mindful completion of the PRACTICE--go over the PRACTICE
--For HW, if you feel it is necessary, read through the packet of additional information pertaining to this error and complete PRACTICE #4 (located in a manila folder in the "Grammar Hammer Extras" area of the classroom). These instructional materials and practices are meant to help you master the standards listed below. A quiz about this error will take place next class.

English 10 Honors students...

  • demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar, usage, and punctuation.
  • apply knowledge of language to make effective choices for meaning or style.
  • strengthen writing as needed by editing or trying a new approach.
  • use punctuation (commas, parentheses, dashes) to set off nonrestrictive/parenthetical elements.


--Pick up a copy of the "Exploring Allusions" document from the front table.

Discussion Preparation -- Exploring Allusions
--slide titled "Assessing Online Sources" shared
--groups assigned via a drawing of cards--must have at least one electronic device per group
--group work time as per directions

--Form a circle out of the desks.  Sit next to the classmates with whom you just worked.
--If you did not do so last class, label a page in your notebook as follows: "Paulo Coelho--Author Background".

Notetaking/Discussion Preparation -- Paulo Coelho--Author Background
--As I read information aloud about author Paulo Coelho, jot down purposeful notes.
--Draw a line underneath the notes you just took.  Label the next section of your notes "The Alchemist Discussion up to Page 104".

Discussion/Closure -- The Alchemist up to Page 104
--engage in discussion:
  • The following individuals must contribute before any others can "jump in":
    • Jackson B.
    • Morgan B.
    • Abi D.
    • Tanner H.
    • Delaney P.
    • Bethany S.
    • Emily W.
    • Zena W.
  • First, we will share information gathered/conclusions drawn regarding allusions.
  • For the remainder of the discussion, consider the following items:
    • active/purposeful reading notes--I will read aloud a "Have You..." list for the reading up to page 104.
    • Paulo Coelho "writing what he knows"--applying author background to The Alchemist
  • Today's contributions will be assessed via the "Discussion Contribution Rating Scale".
HW Time (time permitting)
--reading (oral? independent?)

HW (Practice/Take-Home Assessment)
--Complete 45 minutes of Membean training as directed before 11:59 PM on Thursday, 4/6.  If you fail to appropriately train between now and the administration of Vocabulary Quiz #6, you will not be permitted to take the quiz until you catch up (see the "Membean Routine" document).
--Your properly formatted, fully revised short story or poem is due today (Monday, 4/3).  See your "Preparing for the GVEP Literary Contest" document for additional information.
HW (Class Preparation)
--If you feel it is necessary, read through the packet of additional information pertaining to today's common grammar error and complete PRACTICE #4 (located in a manila folder in the "Grammar Hammer Extras" area of the classroom).  A quiz about this error will take place on Friday, 4/7.

--Aim to read at least 5-10 pages of your free reading book between now and next class.  ALWAYS BRING YOUR FREE READING BOOK TO CLASS, and keep in mind that Hooked on Books takes place the rest of this week!
--Work on the End-of-Course Assignment--you do not want to wait too long to get started on this!
HW (Class Preparation/Take-Home Assessment)
--Finish The Alchemist by the beginning of  class on Friday, 4/7.  Demonstrate your best skill level in reading actively/purposefully via the Post-it Note strategy, and expect any or all of the following to occur on that day:
  • collection of your Post-its for assessment purposes
  • a "60/40" reading assessment
  • a discussion geared around your Post-its 
On the backburner:
  • "Madness" done in class upon submission of revisions
  • LotF Exams returned