Friday, March 3, 2017

English 10 Honors--Directions for Significant Passage "Speed Dating"

For the passage that you select, ...

A.  …indicate whether the passage is narration or dialogue.  If the passage is dialogue, identify who is speaking.

B.  …indicate, specifically, at what point in the novel the passage exists.  What is “going on” in the novel?  If the passage is dialogue, indicate who is involved in the conversation.  (Contextualize the passage.)

C.  …thoroughly explain how Golding is using a convention of literature (literary communion, literary vampire, Christ[ological] figure, geography, marked for greatness, literary blindness, or irony) by briefly defining the convention and tying aspects of the passage back to your definition.

D.   thoroughly explain how the passage could be used to help you build your claim about human nature for the End-of-Course Assignment.  What is your current claim?  If you were using this passage as evidence within your final essay, how would you tie it back to your claim?

Note: Within your explanations, you must also provide strong and thorough textual evidence from other areas of Lord of the Flies.