Tuesday, March 28, 2017

English 10 Honors--3/30/2017

Jump Off
--If you have yet to share your "Live Wire", please pick it up from the bookshelf.
--Form a circle out of the desks.
--I am plugging away on your Lord of the Flies exams.  Please be patient with me.

S. the C.

Teambuilder/The Alchemist Novella Unit Introduction--Part 2 (cont.) -- Live Wire


  • to encourage attentive listening
  • to promote inclusion
  • Students finish sharing with the rest of the class as per the four bullets below:
    • describe your design
    • explain the rationale behind your design
    • be "anecdotal"--share mini-stories, specifics, etc.
    • apply any or all of Paulo Coelho's "Four Obstacles" to your visual illustration
  • After each student shares, others may ask questions, express mutual feelings/concerns, etc.
--Pick up the Ticket-Out-the-Door document from the front table. 

Closure (5 mins.--TIMER SET!)
--After carefully reading the directions for the Ticket-Out-the-Door, complete the task at hand and submit your best work based on the time permitted during the next transition.

--Pick up the "The Alchemist up to Page 47--Have You...List" halfsheet from the front table.
--Take out your notebook and date the page (3/30/2017)--label the page "Paulo Coelho--Author Background".
--Use the halsheet and your Post-its to prepare for today's circle discussion.  Feel free to consult those near you as you prepare.

Notetaking/Discussion Preparation -- Paulo Coelho--Author Background
--As I read information aloud about author Paulo Coelho, jot down purposeful notes.
--Draw a line underneath the notes you just took.  Label the next section of your notes "The Alchemist Discussion up to Page 47".

Discussion -- The Alchemist up to Page 47 (remainder of class-ish)
--engage in discussion via the protocol (all must contribute once before any second contributions)--today's contributions will be assessed via the "Discussion Contribution Rating Scale"

Items for discussion:
  • Active/purposeful reading notes, paying particular attention to the items on the halfsheet
  • Paulo Coelho "writing what he knows"--applying author background to The Alchemist
HW Time (time permitting)
--reading (oral? independent?)

HW (Practice/Take-Home Assessment)
--Complete 45 minutes of Membean training as directed before 11:59 PM on Thursday, 3/30.  If you fail to appropriately train between now and the administration of Vocabulary Quiz #6, you will not be permitted to take the quiz until you catch up (see the "Membean Routine" document).
--Complete another 45 minutes of Membean training as directed before 11:59 PM on Thursday, 4/6.  If you fail to appropriately train between now and the administration of Vocabulary Quiz #6, you will not be permitted to take the quiz until you catch up (see the "Membean Routine" document). 
--Your properly formatted, fully revised short story or poem is due Monday, 4/3.  See your "Preparing for the GVEP Literary Contest" document for additional information.  Check your email often with the knowledge that I will be interacting with your work frequently.
HW (Class Preparation/Take-Home Assessment)
--Read up to pg. 104 of The Alchemist by the beginning of class on Monday, 4/3.  Demonstrate your best skill level in reading actively/purposefully via the Post-it Note strategy, and expect any or all of the following to occur on Monday:
  • collection of your Post-its for assessment purposes
  • a "60/40" reading assessment
  • a discussion geared around your Post-its 
HW (Class Preparation)
--Aim to read at least 5-10 pages of your free reading book between now and next class.  ALWAYS BRING YOUR FREE READING BOOK TO CLASS, and keep in mind that Hooked on Books takes place next week!
--Work on the End-of-Course Assignment--you do not want to wait too long to get started on this!
--Enjoy the weekend--you only get so many of 'em!

On the backburner:

  • "Madness" done in class upon submission of revisions
  • LotF Exams returned