Monday, March 13, 2017

English 9--3/16/2017 & 3/17/2017

Jump Off (2-3 mins.)
--Please pick up a copy of the "Defining Impulsiveness" document from the front table.  Purposefully read the directions and begin completing the task at hand quietly and independently.
--Please SEE ME before the end of class today regarding the end of the marking period:
  • D. Domville
  • J. Futter
  • A. Hawker
  • H. LaFountain
  • E. Mohnkern
  • B. Robinson
S. the C. (8-10 mins.)
--You should leave class today with...
  • the ability to better define "impulsiveness"
  • a solid, supportable answer to each of these two questions:
    • What is Romeo like?
    • How do you know?
  • a number in mind on a scale of 1-10 (a "score", if you will) that corresponds with Romeo's level of impulsiveness by the end of Act I
    • an explanation of why, using specific details from the play, you are giving Romeo the score that you are
  • your "Romeo and Juliet Unit--Mini-Test--March 2017" completed (if it is not already)
  • , potentially, the Marking Period 3 and Marking Period 4 Free Reading Course Component completed
  • a clear sense of what to do between now and next class in order to continue moving forward.
Share-Out/Discussion/Note-taking -- Defining Impulsiveness (8-10 mins.)
--directions clarified (if necessary)
--quiet and independent work time (continued)
--share-out via a drawing of cards--jot down the notes that end up on the front board on the back of your document (These are the notes that I will use to create a class definition for posting in the classroom/on the blog!)

Transition (3-5 mins.)
--Please pick up a copy of the "Purposeful Close Re-reading Questions--Act I, scene i, lines 152-230" document and the corresponding excerpt from the play from the front table.  Purposefully read the directions in order to answer these questions: What are you being asked to do?  What is the purpose of this task?
  • questions answered (cards drawn)
  • modeling with #1
  • partnerships formed via a drawing of cards
Purposeful Close Re-reading (Share-Out/Discussion Preparation) -- Act I, scene i, lines 152-230 of The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet (10-ish mins.)

--work with this section of the play in pairs as per the directions

Transition (1-2 mins.)

--Re-column the desks and pick up a copy of the class preparation assignment due next class ("Purposeful Re-reading--Act I, scene iii, lines 64-100").

Share-Out/Discussion -- Act I, scene i, lines 152-230 of The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet (flex time)
--as you and your peers share and I mark up the text on the SMART Board, do the same on your personal copy (volunteers first, then cards drawn)

Assessment/"Assessment"/DEAR -- Romeo and Juliet Unit--Mini-Test--March 2017/Free Reading Books (last 40-45 mins. of class)--For the remainder of class, please complete one or more of the following tasks quietly and independently:
  • Finish your "Romeo and Juliet Unit--Mini-Test--March 2017" if you have yet to do so.
  • If you have already finished your free reading book for Marking Periods 3 and 4 but have yet to complete a one-pager, select and begin completing or continue completing a one-pager.
  • Work on your "book talk" (if you have decided to deliver a "book talk" instead of completing a one-pager).
  • Browse the classroom library (or the high school library) in search of the perfect book for the last 12 weeks of the school year.
  • Engage in free reading--reading Upfront newsmagazine (located on the front table) is appropriate.
  • Complete the class preparation assignment about Juliet's character due next class.
HW (Class Preparation)
--Finish anything that we are unable to complete during the first half of the class block (e.g., analyzing Romeo's character).
--Consider re-reading and thinking about the "You should leave class today with..." in order to monitor your progress and move forward.
--Complete the "Purposeful Re-reading--Act I, scene iii, lines 64-100" document to the best of your ability as per the directions by the beginning of next class (Monday, 3/20 [BDF] or Tuesday, 3/21 [ACE]).  This assignment is meant to both close out our work with Act I and help you craft your final essay.
HW (Miscellaneous)
--Work toward fulfillment of the Free Reading Course Component for Marking Periods 3 and 4 as per the parameters set forth in the document you received two classes ago.  Depending on your choice for this assignment, you have until either the end of the day today (Thursday, 3/16) or Friday, 3/17 to "take care of business".  IF YOU STILL NEED TO SELECT YOUR FINAL FREE READING BOOK OF THE SCHOOL YEAR, PLEASE DO SO ASAP--ALWAYS BRING A FREE READING BOOK TO CLASS!