Thursday, November 17, 2016

English 10 Honors--11/22/2016


Jump Off (1-2 mins.)
--The following individual/s need/s to SEE ME with regard to Membean in the Computer Lab today:
  • Morgan B. (W)
  • Emily C. (O)
  • Nate C. (W)
  • Alli E. (D)
  • Leah R. (S)
  • Emily W. (O)
S. the C. (5-8 mins.)
--list of students needing to revise for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio shared
  • Would anyone like to schedule a meeting for a time slot during my office hours (posted on the front board)?  (Top priority will go to individuals whose meetings were cancelled due due to my absences.)

--beginning with the end in mind:

End-of-Unit Assessment Writing Prompt:
Write a text-based, grammatically sound, tightly-written response of two to three paragraphs.  In your response, respond to the following question so as to reveal a central idea of Animal Farm: What is George Orwell's "thesis" about human nature as revealed in the story he tells?  Then, analyze how Orwell's use of allegory helps develop his "thesis" about human nature.  Use at least three pieces of strong textual evidence spanning the entire text to support your analysis, and be sure to tie back to your claim often.

--really beginning with the end in mind!--the Essential Question that overarches our course:

By nature, are human beings inherently evil or good or...?


Transition #1 (2 mins.)
--venture down to the Computer Lab

Assessment -- Vocabulary Quiz #3 (Mon, Nov 21, 2016) (15-ish mins.?)
--Unless I inform you that you are not permitted to do so due to lack of training, log in to Membean and complete the assessment as directed.  Good luck!
--If you finish before your peers, "sneak in" a little free reading or active/purposeful reading of Animal Farm while you wait! :)

Transition #2 (2 mins.)

--venture back to the classroom

HW Time/DEAR (remainder of class)

HW (Practice/Take-Home Assessment)
--Complete another 45 minutes of Membean training as directed before 11:59 PM on Thursday, 12/1.  If you fail to appropriately train between now and the administration of Vocabulary Quiz #4, you will not be permitted to take the quiz until you catch up (see the "Membean Routine" document). 
--The due date for submitting a revised Thematic Writing Assignment—Partner Interviews essay for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio is Thursday, 12/8 (approximately 2.5 weeks from today)YOU MUST schedule a meeting with me to go over your revisions; simply handing in the revisions is unacceptable as per the protocol.  When time permits, meetings can/will occur during class time.

HW (Class Preparation/Take-Home Assessment)
--Finish reading Animal Farm.  Demonstrate your best skill level in reading actively/purposefully via the Post-it Note strategy, and expect any or all of the following to occur when we return from break: 
  • collection of your Post-its for assessment purposes
  • a "60/40" reading assessment
  • a discussion geared around your Post-its, the stations activity, Articles of the Week, etc. 
 HW (Class Preparation)
--Read your free reading book for at least 15 minutes between now and next class.  ALWAYS BRING YOUR FREE READING BOOK TO CLASS.  You have up until the first week of December to finish your book.

--Enjoy the break!  May the effects of tryptophan spare you from having to hear conversations about the effects of tryptophan.
On the backburner:
  • Mini-Lesson about Summarizing, Paraphrasing, and Quoting
    • (Previewed expectation of doing all three following AoW #2)
  • Review Directly Quoting a Quote