Wednesday, September 3, 2014

English 9--9/8/2014 & 9/9/2014

In the Door (1 min.)
--sit in the same desk as last class block (alphabetical order), where you will find a Post-it Note

Jump Off (10-15 mins.)
--concept of the Jump Off explained again as a reminder

  • Write your first and last name on the Post-it Note located on your desk.  Then, stick the Post-It to your "Artifact Bag".  Finally, turn in your bag by placing it in the appropriately labeled box located at the front of the classroom.
  • Turn in your signed sheet/slip by placing it in the black basket on the front table.
  • Pick up a copy of the “Day 1 Review - You betcha vs. Nah, not so much” sheet from the front table.  Complete the task at hand quietly and independently--this is your assessment.  Good luck!
--HW policy reminder

S. the C. (5 mins.)
--information about blog as a reminder

Instruction -- Important Information Document (25-30 mins.) 
--go over policies in depth via the "Day 1 Review – You betcha vs. Nah, not so much" sheet
Transition (2 mins.)
--Pick up two lined index cards from the front table.

Looking Ahead -- Establishing Our Classroom Environment: Commitments & Rule of the Room/Consequences (5 mins.)
--Follow the directions on PowerPoint for creating commitments and establishing classroom consequences quietly and independently.  The brainstorming you do today will be used next class in order to engage in discussion and make some important decisions.

Transition (1 min.)
--When finished, place your index card on the front table and pick up (or take out) your Article of the Week #1 document from last class. 

Literacy Activity -- Article of the Week (15-20 mins.)
--reminder about one key reason why we do Article of the Week (PowerPoint slide #2)
--purposeful oral reading of Article of the Week #1 (LZ Granderson's "We Need Year-Round School to Compete Globally") in order to answer the following closure question:
  • What is LZ Granderson's main claim?  In other words, what is the author of the text ultimately trying to argue?
  • Write your name at the top of the lined side of your second index card.  Then, answer the italicized question above in one-two complete sentences.  Good luck!
Transition (1 min.)
--As soon as you have completed your best work, submit it to me at the front table along with your Article of the Week document, which we will continue working with in the future.
Teambuilding Activity -- Artifact Bags (time permitting)
--I hand a paper bag to random student--he/she then displays items from the bag one at a time, briefly describing what he/she is seeing
--guess who?!
--owner of bag further describes, explains, shares anecdotes, etc. as a form of introduction to teacher/peers
--None (but don't get used to it ;) )!