Wednesday, September 24, 2014

English 9--9/24/2014 & 9/25/2014

Jump Off (10 mins.)
--Complete the following tasks quietly and independently.  If necessary, I will model the first bullet after taking attendance.
  • Take out your “Learning Standards” and “Learning Standards--Unit Items and Progress Self-Assessment” documents from the beginning of last class.  Thinking back to what we accomplished last class, mindfully fill in the “What Have We Done?” and “How Am I Doing?” columns for the RL.1 and/or RL.4 row.  Write small!  I will be around with your “RL.4 Ticket-Out-the-Door” from the end of last class to help you reflect (Block 4 ACE, Block 1 BDF, and Block 2 BDF).
  • Take out your personal copy of “St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves.”
  • Pick up a copy of the “Comprehension Check #1” halfsheet from the front table.
S. the C. (15-20 mins.)
--FYI: If you would like to see how you did on the vocabulary exercise, you can see me during any of my office hours and go over the work with me or on your own using the "Teacher's Edition".
--exemplary "They Say" writing piece shared:
  • The expectations are the same for Article of the Week #2.
  • Please stick to the template! (Rationale shared.)
  • The following items pointed out:
    • punctuation of titles
    • last name vs. first name when referring to an author
    • grammatical structures inherent within the template (e.g., commas after introductory elements)--BE CAREFUL!
    • evidence must follow a claim
--take a look at RL.2 and summarize the standard together--it wouldn’t hurt to jot down notes on your “Learning Standards--Unit Items and Progress Self-Assessment” document!

Comprehension Check -- “St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves”--Title, Stage 1 Epigraph, and First Paragraph (15 mins.)
--complete the questions as directed
--Be prepared to share your responses.  When finished, I might collect your work.
--whole-group share-out (cards drawn if necessary)--how did you do?
Transition (5 mins.)
--Reread the Stage 1 epigraph and the first paragraph of the story in order to answer the question below. Write your answer right in the margin of your personal copy of the text and be prepared to briefly discuss:
  • Based on the beginning of the story, what can readers expect to see in the rest of the Stage 1 section?
Oral Reading -- “St. Lucy’s…” First-Draft Reading (save some time at end of block for closure [and, perhaps, DEAR?]--take note of where each block finishes)
--briefly share out as per the "Transition"
--discuss the nature of a typical “first-draft” reading of a difficult text:
  • A gist reading--“survival mode” in order to understand/comprehend the text on a literal level
    • Ask the “curious questions” (Who is she?  What is going on right now?  Etc.)
    • Basic comprehension is essential if any deeper understanding is to occur.
  • Easier with some sort of defined purpose (therefore, often a purposeful reading)
  • Most effective when it is still somewhat active reading (annotate: jot down curious questions, jot down notes related to your defined purpose, etc.)
--oral first-draft reading of the rest of “St. Lucy’s…” (“‘Ay Caramba…’” up to the end)
  • Your purpose:
    • Jot down curious questions on your personal copy of the text whenever such questions enter your mind (listen for them!)
    • For the sections of the text defined below, jot down notes on your personal copy of the text related to these questions:
      • Pages 237 & 238: What are you learning about the pack?  (I will model.)
      • Pages 239 & 240: What do you think the girls are doing at St. Lucy’s?
      • Pages 240-242: Why does it seem the pack hates Jeanette and Mirabella?
      • Pages 244 & 245: What is happening with Mirabella?
      • Pages 245-247: What are some of the things the girls are learning to do?
      • Pages 247 & 248: How does the upcoming scene reveal the differences between Mirabella, Jeanette, and Claudette?
      • Pages 248-251: What happens at the dance?  What is your response to the outcome of the events that transpire?
Closure -- Learning Standards--Unit Items and Progress Self-Assessment (8 mins.)
--take your document back out from the beginning of the block and continue the work you started now that we have completed another class block

DEAR -- Free Reading Books (remainder of class)

--students without books will read Upfront Magazine

--The Unit #1 vocabulary assessment will take place at the beginning of next class (Friday, 9/26 [ACE] or Monday, 9/29 [BDF]) . Finish preparing! (What study strategies have brought you success in the past?)

Assessment Format--Multiple Choice

  • Part of Speech
  • Synonym
  • Antonym
  • Definition
  • Completing the Sentence
--Finish your work with Article of the Week #2, which is due at the beginning of class on Friday, 9/26 (ACE) or Monday, 9/29 (BDF) . This task will include purposefully reading the directions in the box at the top of the page and completing your best work with regard to the directions. Make sure that your one-paragraph "They Say" response using the template located at the end of the AoW #2 document is WRITTEN IN PEN or TYPED. Let me be clear--you will turn in a PARAGRAPH next class, not merely a template with writing in the blanks.
--Read your free reading book for at least 10 minutes between now and next class. ALWAYS BRING YOUR FREE READING BOOK TO CLASS.  Your book must be finished by early-November.

--Enjoy the weekend--you only get so many of 'em.

Backburner Goals (Mr. Martin's Note-to-Self):

  • Teambuilding (first and last name prior to participating)
  • Revisit methods for finding key details in nonfiction (use notes from last class later in school year)