Monday, September 29, 2014

English 9--10/2/2014 & 10/3/2014

Jump Off (10-12 mins.)
--Complete the following tasks quietly and independently.  If necessary, I will model the third bullet after taking attendance.
  • Take out your “Learning Standards” and “Learning Standards--Unit Items and Progress Self-Assessment” documents.  Thinking back to what we accomplished over the course of the past few classes, mindfully fill in/add to some rows of the “What Have We Done?” and “How Am I Doing?” columns.  I actually plan on calling on a few of you later in the block to share your reflections--just an FYI!
  • Take out your personal copy of “St. Lucy’s...”
  • Circle or box the following words/phrases within "St. Lucy's..." that are essential for deeper comprehension:
    • "barbaridad" (second paragraph on page 237)
    • "languid" (second paragraph on page 237)
    • "hirsute" (second paragraph on page 237)
    • "sinewy" (second paragraph on page 237)
    • "We went knuckling along" (second paragraph on page 237)
    • "backwoods" (third paragraph on page 237)
    • "ostracized" (first full paragraph on page 238--two times in consecutive sentences)
    • "purgatory" (first full paragraph on page 238)
    • "bilingual" (first full paragraph on page 238)
    • "better culture" (first full paragraph on page 238)
    • "assault" (third full paragraph on page 238)
    • "slapped" (third full paragraph on page 239)
    • "pin" (fifth full paragraph on page 239)
    • "tranquilizer dart" (sixth full paragraph on page 239)

Teambuilding Activity -- Artifact Bags (TWO-FOUR BAGS--5-8 mins.)
--I hand a paper bag to a random student--he/she then displays items from the bag one at a time, briefly describing what he/she is seeing
--guess who?!
--owner of bag repeats first and last name and further describes, explains, shares anecdotes, etc. as a form of introduction to teacher/peers

S. the C. (5-8 mins.)
--quick share-out as per the first part of the Jump Off
--I will READ today's agenda verbatim--please have this question in mind:
What standards does it seem we're working toward today?
--respond to the question above

Transition (10-12 mins.)
--Briefly discuss the following question: What is close reading again?
  • Emphasize the necessity and value of rereading
--Directions given for our next block of time:
  • In partnerships, engage in a diction-focused phase of close reading from “‘Ay Caramba,’ Sister Maria de la Guardia sighed…” (pg. 237) to the end of Stage 1 (pg. 239) by doing the following:
    • For each of the words that you were instructed to circle or box, define the word (via prior knowledge, context clues, and/or looking the word up), and write an appropriate synonym or definition right on your copy of the text near the word itself. 
      • Summarize the sentence/section in the margin based on your new, deeper understanding.
    • For each of the phrases that you were instructed to circle or box, ask yourself this question: In this context, what does this phrase mean?  Then, arrive at an answer to the question using the context, and write your answer right on your copy of the text near the word itself.
--I will model with "languid" before you get started!
--Partnerships established via a drawing of cards.

Pair Work/Discussion/Independent Work-- “St. Lucy’s…”--Stage 1 Close Reading (35-40 mins. total)
--mindfully complete the task described above (10-15 mins.)
--Transition--recolumn the desks/return to assigned seats (2 mins.)
--share out as per my related prompts/questions (cards drawn if necessary)--as I mark up the text on the SmartBoard, do the same on your personal copy of the text (15-20 mins.)--DID NOT FINISH IN 4 ACE (DISCUSSED "BARBARIDAD", "LANGUID", "ASSAULT", "SLAPPED", "PIN", AND "TRANQUILIZER DART")
--quietly and independently, engage in another phase of close reading for the same section that we just addressed (rereading)
  • Identify sections (words, phrases, and sentences) in the text that support the description of Stage 1 in the epigraph--draw a small star next to the pieces of text--if necessary, I will model
Transition (2 mins.) 
--Get back with your partner from earlier in the class block.

Closure (time permitting)
--Engage in a “Turn-and-Talk” with your partner (directions below):
  • Determine who within the partnership is the speaker and who is the listener.
  • The speaker shares his or her pieces of starred text with the listener.
  • The listener pays close attention and asks questions about the speaker’s responses.
  • Make sure to refer to specific textual evidence throughout this talk.
  • Following the Turn-and-Talk, the listener shares one piece of text with the whole group.
--whole-group share-out/Q & A--continue marking up personal copies of the text

DEAR -- Free Reading Books (time permitting)
--students without books will read Upfront Magazine

--Finish your work with Article of the Week #3, which is due at the beginning of class next time (Monday, 10/6 [ACE] or Tuesday, 10/7 [BDF]) . This task will include purposefully reading the directions in the box at the top of the page and completing your best work with regard to the directions.
--Read your free reading book for at least 15 minutes between now and next class.  For those of you still struggling to find the "reading flow", I suggest you actually set a timer!  Your book must be finished by early-November.  ALWAYS BRING YOUR FREE READING BOOK TO CLASS.
--Bring your vocabulary book next time--please do not forget!
--Enjoy the weekend--you only get so many of 'em.

Backburner Goals (Mr. Martin's Note-to-Self):
  • Teambuilding (first and last name prior to participating)
  • Revisit methods for finding key details in nonfiction (use notes from last class later in school year)
  • Review the parts of speech as introduction to our grammar work/in order to aid in vocabulary study
  • Share "tried and true" vocabulary study method (word and easy-to-remember synonym