Monday, September 8, 2014

English 10 Honors--9/12/2014

Jump Off (1 min.)
--Submit your Article of the Week #1 work by placing it in the black basket on the front table.

S. the C. (3 mins.)

Activity/Discussion Closure -- Establishing Our Classroom Environment: Commitments & Consequences (5 mins.)
--share student commitments poster/sign the poster column-by-column
--share consequences poster--the system is in place!

Transition/Looking Ahead (15-20 mins.)
--Pick up both the "Questions to Ask Yourself When You Are Assigned a Writing Task" sheet and the "Thematic Writing Assignment--Partner Interviews" sheet from the front table. Also, you might want to grab a highlighter! First, purposefully read the "Questions..." sheet. Then, purposefully read the assignment sheet and respond to the "Questions..." accordingly. Your goal here is to fully "wrap your mind around" our first writing assignment of the school year.

Teambuilder/Research/Writing Workshop -- Thematic Writing Assignment--Partner Interviews (remainder of class)
--process through the work just completed during the "Transition/Looking Ahead" block
--information shared about the Cumulative Writing Portfolio (blog post)--THIS FIRST ASSIGNMENT WILL BE INCLUDED WITHIN THE PORTFOLIO
--What is a theme statement?
--gather additional information about your partner (yet AGAIN--now with a better understanding of the assignment!)--DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE DIRECT QUOTATION COMPONENT OF THE ASSIGNMENT!

--Continue getting in touch with your partner and engaging in the "research" process (especially now that your purpose is clearer). The more intriguing information you have gathered about your partner by the beginning of next week, the better! Expect to "officially" begin the writing process in class next time.