Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Senior English--4/9/2013

Jump Off
--Pick up a copy of "Revising Your Argumentative Essay", "Toulmin's Model of Argument", and "Terms in a Toulmin Argument" from the front table.  All of these materials are intended to help you perfect your Arguing for a Position Research Paper, which is due at the beginning of next class.

S. the C.
--Reminder: Any individuals who did not meet the Tuesdays with Morrie Analysis Essay revisions due date for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio will receive referrals until the assignment is completed to mastery.
--highlight important aspects of three items picked up during J.O.
--remind of importance of aligning writing with rubric
--remind of basic paragraph structure (reflection garnered from Mr. Martin's most recent meetings)

Writing Workshop -- Arguing for a Position Research Paper--Finishing/Perfecting Writing Pieces
--do what you need to do (continue writing, self-edit/peer-edit, revise, etc.)!
--as soon as individuals who have yet to take the research skills assessment take care of business (cough, cough), Mr. Martin will be around with scored assessments for your reflection
Incentive Plan
--If you submit your final paper to Mr. Martin (in his hands!) by 2:30 on Wednesday and achieve mastery (80% or higher) with early submission, Mr. Martin will:
  • Give back points lost for either the "Source #1--Research Notes" assignment (homework/class participation score) or the "Milne Library Ticket-Out-the-Door" assignment (quiz score)--RATIONALE
  • Add three points to your final Arguing for a Position Research Paper grade--RATIONALE

--Finish the Arguing for a Position Research Paper assignment. This assignment, a Cumulative Writing Portfolio piece and the final major writing assignment of your Livonia High School English career, is due at the beginning of next class.  Make it a point to submit your absolute BEST WORK (you and Mr. Martin both deserve it) next class so that we have less work to do between now and the end of the school year!  Submit your paper early if the incentive plan is working for you.
--Though we will no longer be formally presenting our arguments, we will be sharing them with the class in a roundtable-type discussion, so make sure that you are well-versed in the contents of your paper for the sake of said discussion.