Tuesday, March 19, 2013

English 9--3/22/2013


Jump Off
--Get your materials out and ready for discussion.

S. the C.
**REMINDERIf you received a score lower than 70% on the “Complex sentences/subordinating conjunctions” assessment last week, you must take a re-quiz before the end of the day today (if you have not already done so)--make arrangements with Mr. Martin ASAP--additional preparation materials are located on the shelf next to the door above the “Grammar Hammer Extras” sign**
--If you were absent last class, you must complete the On-Demand Writing task (SEE 3/20/2013 AGENDA) ASAP.  Make arrangements with Mr. Martin.

Transition -- circle formed for discussion

Discussion -- Dragonsong Chapters 4 & 5
--engage in discussion, making sure to hit as many of the important topics as we can
--Mr. Martin takes notes on the front board under the appropriate topic headings
--don't settle for anything less than your best effort at complete notes for each of the topics

Closure -- Final Countdown (time permitting)

--Read Chapters 6 & 7 by April 8th, which is our first class back following break (taking notes is highly encouraged).  This will get us beyond the halfway point of the novel!
--Bring something good that you want to read to class again next week in case we get another opportunity to independently read.