Thursday, March 21, 2013

English 9--3/26/2013

Jump Off
--Take out your notebook and date the page (3/26/2013).  Label this section of your notes "M, D, O, L, C Scorer Training".

S. the C.

Writing Workshop -- M, D, O, L, C Scorer Training and Scoring
--two sample responses from other class read--Mr. Martin models scoring via "think-aloud"--jot down helpful notes for scoring a response in your notebook (as you will be scoring a response yourself during the next part of the block!)
--responses handed out--make sure that you do not get your own response, and do not tell anyone else whose response you are scoring
--engage in scoring--make your score as accurate as possible and provide justification--see Mr. Martin at the front table for assistance if necessary
--once you've finished scoring, return the scored response to Mr. Martin at the front table and READ INDEPENDENTLY (HOOKED ON BOOKS)
--scored responses handed out--read the score assigned to your response--do you agree?  If not, arrive at a score for yourself and provide justification.

--meetings with Mr. Martin to arrive at a score for the "Chapter 4--Close Reading Paragraph (On-Demand Writing)" assignment--Mr. Martin "ballparks", peer and personal score discussed, consensus built

--Read Chapters 6 & 7 by Monday, April 8th, which is our first class back following break (taking notes is highly encouraged). This will get us beyond the halfway point of the novel!
--If you are not satisfied with your score for the writing assignment from today, re-write the piece for submission at the beginning of class on Monday, April 8th. 
--Bring your vocabulary book to class on Monday after break.
--Enjoy break!