Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Senior English--3/8/2012 & 3/9/2012

Jump Off -- Please pick up an index card, the tips sheet, and the "Explication/Discussion Activity #1" sheet from the front table.  Take a look through the tips sheet, and then explicate Hamlet's soliloquy.  Good luck!  Discussion will ensue.

S. the C. -- clarify J.O. directions (share out useful tips, show an explicated "To the Virgins...", talk about collection of index cards), collect index cards (key note/understanding from explication), agenda/rationale/HW

Explication/Discussion Activity -- Hamlet's Soliloquy--Act I, Scene ii
--whole-group explication of poem on front board/discussion (remind students of "Discussion Contribution Rating Scale")

Transition -- materials away, brainstorm list of what to look for while viewing Act I of Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet

Film -- Act I of Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet
--mindfully view the film until five minutes remaining in class--gather information for future discussion/assessment preparation
*Mr. Martin has some potentially useful materials if you are interested!

Closure -- Wrap-up Discussion

--master Act I of Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Hamlet
*What does this mean?!
--be prepared at any time for discussion and/or an assessment of your knowledge and understanding